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Clayton Giles
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Clayton Giles Deliciously lo-fi album of interesting music that sounds very 60-ish. Think The Turtles plus Fairport Convention times early Pink Floyd divided by Revolver era-Beatles. Favorite track: I Lost it in the Sun.
Only Magic Left is Art
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Only Magic Left is Art Day Unfold plays like a found Demo tape lost in the shuffle of a local UK Radio Station during the British Invasion only now to be discovered by some distant relative of a famous disc jockey rummaging through the remnants of his dust covered attic.
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released March 27, 2013



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FLÏRT Hamburg, Germany

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Track Name: Ampersand
a beginning
a cause
a deed
an end
a fault line
a gelatin-esque
Track Name: Bettersweet
When you're laughing at me
it'll be better sweet
when you roll your eyes
it'll be better sweet
it'll be better
it'll be better sweet
what you're rambling about
it'll be better sweet
when you scream and shout
it'll be better sweet
it'll be better...
this life of ours
I have to concede
it is in the small hours
where I feel free to be
just like I am
this life of ours
it'll be better sweet
la dolce vita
it'll be better really sweet
Track Name: Chased by Bees
i sat up high in the trees
i saw her running, chased by bees
jumping feet first into water
lucid altar of our youth
when she came up, wide eyed and wet
i laughed so hard i nearly fell
a bloody knee and nettle stings
she left her things and went for good
i sat up high, the sun went down
i was too scared to leave the crown
the waters' surface showed no trace
no sign of haste, no track of her
with the field in golden glow
i finally went to go below
for the time being free
the crickets laid a lasting curse on me
Track Name: Days Unfold
when the days did unfold
and dissolve with the sunshine
she set up a record
that'll never be broken
between every hour
that they left lying weightless
and closing in onto
what seemed to be floating
sit yourself down
get up and dance
shake the days off
don't say how it ends
stay for a while
close your eyes
keep falling
keep falling into it
Track Name: Eiderdown
eiderdown i
feel the sun come to town
stop the clock i
don't wanna let you down
eiderdown i'm lying
with my head upon you
eiderdown i'm trying
to keep the world
from separating us too
either frown or
call in sick and stay in bed
there is music
there are books unread
Track Name: From Above
a pine cone, a leaf
a raindrop released
every good and perfect gift
and the sun
fruit from a tree
through gravity
all comes down
as you fall into love
it comes from above
hits you on your head
windfall and flakes
hawks hunting snakes
a baseball hit high
way below they do run
clouds and blue skies
whispers and lies
a plane coming down
returning your love
it comes from above
hits you on your head
Track Name: Highly Unlikely
bombs away
defend the crown
drop the highly unlikely down
save the day
console the clown
drop the highly unlikely down
lay 'em down the rules
leave nothing to fear
love and let the
highly unlikely appear
play it down cool
be simple and clear
love and let the
highly unlikely appear
love and let the highly unlikely appear
courage up
lead the way
to the highly unlikely prey
do the straight and narrow
don't go astray
for the highly unlikely pray
Track Name: I Lost it in the Sun
tree green dream suburbia
and ash of ghouls still glowin'
ain't it somethin' comin' home
on flowerin' rivers flowin'
even stream suburbia
and vapour trails align
ain't it somethin' you have known
and lost again in sunlight's shine
like a lens
in a pool
floatin' on
i lost it in the sun