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"In The Pines" will be, most likely, the final installment in the series of recordings under the nom de plume FLÏRT. All instruments played by Leif Gütschow except drums on "Frugal Days To End" and "Voodoo Year" by Nicolas Puls and banjo on "Voodoo Year" by Mark Kenny. All songs written by Leif except "Somewhat", words co-written by Julia Unverferth.
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released May 2, 2016



all rights reserved


FLÏRT Hamburg, Germany

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Track Name: Away From The Mall
away from the mall
from flagship and store
and into the pines
next to the shore
where nothing aligns
yeah nothing at all
Track Name: Get It Back
when you feel what you lost
when you lost what you had
when you had what you miss
when you miss what you had
you know what you lack
to get it back
Track Name: Somewhat
to switch something somewhere
so soon so high too soon
to switch somehow and swear
and soak so strong
so sweet so rare
to switch something somewhere
so soon, too soon?
coming down and there
so high so sleep so tired
i need something
tingling, tending
mingling, mending
so slow so go somewhere
Track Name: Frugal Days To End
a cocktail napkin line
"don't be crabby, it's cocktail time"
are we better off
in the garden of a mad house?
cracks in the armor
attracted to laughs
are your obsessions
adjacent to mine?
lazy jazz and jealous greens
frugal days to end
to mend your
soul cherry
Track Name: Air Maybe
along the noise
of the yellow-bellied
sap sucker
giving cat-like calls
to declare ownership of territory.
onto branches
under blue skies
gasping for air,
maybe more
within the pines
beyond the shore
and the sun
over the yardarm
Track Name: Voodoo Year
i was suckin' on a lemon
in the voodoo year
i had a bad jargon
a broken telephone
no place to call home
in the voodoo year
i was a shady enigma
wrapped in a riddle
played second fiddle
in the voodoo year
i was impressed with the things
that we almost did
told myself not to quit
in the voodoo year
held together
by scotch tape and prayers
i was very sad
when she built me a maze
i lost count of the days
in the voodoo year
and i was very glad
when it came to an end
there were rules to amend
in the voodoo year
the way of the pepsi crystal
it went
i tried to repent
in the voodoo year
you have never seen
a taste like this
it was hit and a miss
in the voodoo year
held together
by scotch tape and prayers
the voodoo year
Track Name: To Lack A Certain Je Ne Sais Something
fast times at pink flirt high
yellow green pink purple neon lights
to walk with the sun behind me
into neon light
sometimes it is best to leave
when all is a little too vanilla and real
now if this love won't fit
you you you have to acquit
your head like a pretzel it twists
trying to get the gist of it
it's all water under the bridge
to lack a certain je ne sais something
Track Name: Bungalow Tryst
'round the flowers
in gloaming light
rising to new depths
falling to new heights
close your eyes
and count down
your mississippis
Track Name: Suburban Aspic
suburban aspic*
under an asterisk
words in a blur
tearfully wet
*the older you get
the better you were
Track Name: In The Pines
a beeline through delays
as love forever flows
in the pines
beneath a moon
where sorrow ever floats
and rain falls down
and time rips holes
into clothes
Track Name: Speakeasy
to feel serene with the pines in line
under your ever oblivious star sign
to fool around with a puzzle
changing shapes
the night elates you
come outside
speak easy
and deliver all your love
the day is done
the night is breezy
go out and switch the lights off
come outside
speak easy
know there's nothing you can do
you did the very best you could
and it wasn't very good